Friday, March 02, 2007

Animal Crossing

If you have gone through my blog, you would have noticed that Animal Crossing stands as one of my favourite games on the Nintendo DS and I have you know that it has the longest play time as well. Most of my friends would beg to differ and they tend to go for Mario Kart DS and Winning Eleven DS.

After a long day of doing stuff in real life, you turn on the DS and Animal Crossing, and then what? Most players know the answer, which is "Do more stuff!". The list is pretty comprehensive: collecting fruit, digging for fossils and stuff, planting flowers and trees, writting letters, visiting towns, talking to other residents , selling stuff, upgrading your home, etc, etc.

It sounds pretty mundane but it's fascinating when you start playing it. I recommend playing in short bursts though, as there's only a limited amount of things that you can collect, buy, sell, dig up in a day but other than that, have fun in that "Wild World".