Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stand Magnet-ed

That word in the title would probably earn itself several disputes on the Scrabble board, but no matter as I'm reviewing a particular Nintendo DS accessory which I"ve grown fond of rather quickly. The Magnet Stand is a simple solution to my problem with trying to have the DS propped in a manner which doesn't require me to lean forward from my seat to observe what is going on in BOTH screens.

The Magnet Stand came with the rest of my stuff on Tuesday and it came in a simple white box. However, if you've seen the user manual for the Japanese Nintendo DS, you'll find that it's illustrated with cartoons. The same goes for the Magnet Stand as it is an official product; the cartoons depicting the proper use of the stand is located at the back of the box.

This is the bottom partion of the stand, known as the feet. The feet has two strips of pretty strong magnets (hence the name Magnet Stand). These magnets help the unit to remain fixed onto any metallic surfaces including white boards.

This is the top portion of the Magnet Stand. It has a Slot-2 interface which is used to secure the DS to the stand.

The stand opens up (ala Transformers), and the picture above is a rear shot of the stand. The slant of the stand can be adjusted to up to 4 different degrees. When not in use, the entire unit is collapsible, allowing for easy storage in my bag. The picture below is of my DS and the stand.

The only problem that I've faced is that the Slot-2 of the Nintendo DS has to be left empty as it is used to secure the DS with the Magnet Stand. This prevents the user from utilizing the Rumble Pak or playing GBA games.

However, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and the item is still on sale at Play-Asia for USD 7.90 (here)