Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tower Defence

Tower Defence games are pretty easy to find on the Web. A number of sites, including Newgrounds .com host these Flash-based games, but the version I like best is David Scott's Flash Element TD, available in this link.

The premise of a Tower Defence game is pretty simple, prevent waves of critters from reaching the end of a maze by building towers that will either slow or destroy the critters. It sounds pretty simple reading off my blog but trust me, it can get pretty challenging.

In terms of graphics, Flash Element TD looks pretty nice, borrowing graphical elements from Warcraft III and has funny sound bites at the beginning of each wave of critters. The sound effects themselves are serviceable, this being a web-based game after all.

As a casual game, Flash Element TD rates highly as it is relatively simple to play and it is a great time-waster, just don't get too engrossed in it until you forget that your boss is watching you!