Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Those Plastic Teddy Be@rs

There is something about those plastic teddy bears known as Be@rbricks that appeal to me. I'm not referring to those 400% Be@rbricks or even the rare ones in the latest series but to the common ones. Basically they manage to be unique despite being "plain". It sounds like a paradox but it is this paradox that compelled me to purchase another Be@rbrick to complement the one that I bought earlier.

Another visit to Shioktoys brought about the Series 13 Jellybean-themed Be@rbrick. The little fella is made out of orange coloured transparent plastic (hence looking like a jellybean) and once again the construction is pretty remarkable. The air bubbles inside the transparent plastic are nice touches to a plain but unique Be@rbrick.

Note: A friend of mine once swapped the heads of my Jellybean Be@rbrick and my Flag Be@rbrick. It was an amusing sight and yes, I hear the collective moan of legions of Be@rbrick collectors but what is the fun of not playing with the be@rs anyways? Let the limb swapping begin!