Monday, January 22, 2007

Not So Little Black Dress..I mean LCD TV...

Shopping for a LCD TV can be quite a daunting experience. as I've experienced it myself when I bought my Samsung LA32R71B yesterday. Electronic stores tend to stock a variety of sizes but with 40 and 50 inch TVs hogging the shelf space, their sheer presence makes everything else look small.

I'm glad I made the right decision in buying a 32 inch LCD TV though, as it looks rather huge in my living room.

More on the Samsung. Basically it is in black and has rather sexy curves, like a little black dress for the living room, and is bound to turn heads. I'm not a LCD TV maven so instead of talking bout the technical specs, lets just say the picture quality looks nice (but can be better with the proper cables) and the surround sound combined with the Game mode makes this pretty number a rather good LCD TV for gaming.

All it needs now is a handbag.. I mean an Xbox 360, to complete the whole get-up.