Sunday, January 07, 2007

Don't Go Calling..

You may have friends or family members that are not into video games (this includes those who are ignorant as well), often chide you for your video gaming habits or are just simply not as good as you when it comes to playing video games. These are the people that you label as "noobs" in forums but have you ever considered that these people have not found a game/console that they actually liked yet?

So rather than call them noobs and develop an elitist mentality with your own clique (and then have more people to call your friends noobs with), why not try reaching out to them? Sharing is a pretty good way to have your friends and family check out games that you have. It is not necessary for them to be drawn in the first time but at least they would know what your console has to offer.

Speaking from experience, I've seen people who are not accustomed to playing games on a handheld console take to Mario Kart DS, Winning Eleven DS and even Brain Age like ducks to water and they are got pretty good at those games. There's another point here as well, never trash talk someone who hasn't played a game which you claim you are good at. If you assume as such that the person will suck, you stand a chance (however slim it maybe) to make a fool of yourself when that person beats you at your own game.