Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cables, Smables, Gables...

I was watching Star Wars Episode V on my LCD TV earlier this evening and I realised that even without the much fancied S-video cable, the picture quality using normal AV cables was pretty good. Sure, there were some scenes whereby the dark side...I mean dark portions were simply too dark but there was nothing a display mode change couldn't solve.

Since S-video cables are rather expensive, a sales man quote RM 100 a piece, I might just pull off purchasing the cable for the time being. However, I'm more concerned about the picture quality coming off from my PS2 using the normal AV cables. The visuals are just okay at best and apparently I need to use composite cables with the PS2 and LCD TV.

Gamers Hideout at Cineleisure, Kota Damansara is selling a 3rd party PS2 composite cable for RM 39 but with all due respect to the owners, the cable looks really "cheap". Even though I don't like sound like I'm judging a book by its cover, the appearance was already a turn off (note to person in-charge of marketing for said 3rd party product). It just goes against one of my personal rules on buying only the item that you are comfortable with (in terms of looks, price, etc.).

On the other hand, Play-Asia sells a composite cable from XCM for RM 70 and the reviews for this product average 5 stars out of 5. Did I mention that the XCM composite cable is multi-console and supports the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii? Now that's what I call value for money and I'll most likely order it in early February.

Interested? Visit Play-Asia (here) for a look at the specs.