Saturday, December 16, 2006

Brought to You by FedEx

Christmas time is to most people a time where a lot of shopping is done. I made an order at Play-Asia on Thursday morning for some stuff as a form of a Christmas present for myself. I did something out of the norm by choosing FedEx to deliver my stuff instead of the normal Air Mail option, which by the way is provided free of charge by the nice people at Play-Asia but will result in longer delivery times.

Opting for FedEx added USD 15.90 to the sum of my order sum which was USD 50.78, bringing it to a grand total of USD 66.68. The decision to go with Fedex was a good one, as the package was delivered to my workplace on Friday afternoon, just slightly more than 24 hours since I initiated the order.

The items that I ordered were stored inside a typical Play-Asia brown box and everything arrived in excellent shape. This being the third time I've ordered from Play-Asia, I'm still pleasantly suprised on how my items are packed in individual bubble wrap. The only disappointment being the value of the discount voucher despite the repeat business and the increasing amounts I'm spending on their website.

I had fun though tracking my order through the FedEx website, it went like this: