Friday, December 15, 2006

And You Thought Consoles Don't Do Strategy

The problem with consoles and strategy games is that most gamers tend to maintain that strategy games are the domain of Personal Computers, citing the lack of a mouse for accurate control. This however doesn't hold true for the game that I've just played.

Advance Wars Dual Strike for the Nintendo DS is a pretty old title judging by its release in mid 2005. But this oldie deserves to be a keeper for any self respecting strategy game fan out there.

Featuring turn based strategy game play similar to that of X-com and Civilization, AW:DS will have you utilise the abilities of different Commanding Officers to battle the threat of the Black Hole army in the Campaign Mode or in skirmishes in the War Room, Versus, Survival and Combat modes.

There is a lot going for this game in terms of replayability, but if you tire playing on your own, you can battle someone else on local WiFi!.

The problem with old titles is that brand new copies are hard to find, even Play-Asia doesn't stock this game. I got this used copy for less than USD 20. But if you don't mind playing entirely in Japanese, you can get your brand new copy of the Japanese version of AW:DS, known as Famicom Wars, here!