Monday, October 30, 2006

You Don't Wanna Race With Strangers?

Getting on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (WFC) service for some Mario Kart action is quite easy, provided you have the right wireless Access Point/Router/Hot spot to deal with. Once connected, it is just a matter of looking for opponents to race with.

Since Mario Kart DS does not have a lobby system, you would have to contend with the service selecting your opponents for you. There is an alternative however if you don't feel like racing with strangers: Friend Codes!

The closest thing I can use as an analogy for Friend Codes would be your instant messaging contact list. Basically by prompting the game to search for "Friends" for a multiplayer match, it will basically go through the friend codes stored in your copy of the game. Simply obtain your friend's Friend Code and enter it into the game for future reference.

To know your own friend code (so that your friends can add you as well), go over to the Friend Code option in Mario Kart DS' Nintendo WFC screen and select the Confirm Friend Code option.

You can find my Friend Code and my nickname in Mario Kart DS on the side bar of this blog.