Saturday, October 28, 2006

Good Things Come In Pairs

I made my first order with Play-Asia for a MAYFLASH WiFi LINK adapter on the 17th of October and the package arrived on the 28th of October. It took a little longer to be delivered than expected but it can't be help due to the festivities going on earlier this week; for the record the package passed the customs check on the 21st of October.

The package came in a brown box which seems to have survived unmolested through Customs, unlike some of the horror stories that I've read elsewhere. Inside there was a bubble-wrap pocket containing the box in which the adapter came in, some styrofoam pieces and other stuff.

The adapter's box suffered during shipping with an obvious dent on its side but fortunately this did not damage the contents inside the box. As for the other stuff that came with the package, Play-Asia included a USD 5 discount coupon and a sticker.

In addition to receiving the Play-Asia package, my Aztech wireless router modem was returned to me today after it was sent back to the manufacturer for repairs.