Sunday, October 15, 2006

ESRB Notices

ESRB is the acronym for Entertainment Software Ratings Board, which is the video game industry's "self-regulatory" body.

The ESRB is responsible for rating games and if you hadn't notice, each game is accompanied with an ESRB notice. This notice is usually found on the cover or the box in which the game came in. This notice rates the game in terms of suitability for different age groups and it usually comes with additional content descriptors such as "Mild Violence" and "Blood".

Some Nintendo DS games have funny ESRB notices and some would have you in chuckles even before you open the game packaging.

I have not played this game, but for a relatively mild-looking game, Cooking Mama has the following ESRB notice:

Next up would be Clubhouse Games, which would make good practice if you are going to holiday in Vegas:

Harvest Moon DS has both the content descriptors and it is a farming simulator? Drop on by for an authentic farming experience:

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime has a pretty nice rap sheet:

Upcoming Elite Beat Agents' ESRB content descriptors remind me of Jack Black, or an Adam Sandler movie: